It is no doubt that I like travelling and I think the reasons are relatively simple. I get to see the world and experience different culture, history, weather, environment and the people. Seeing the differences makes me tiny, in a good way of course. As the Chinese proverb says a frog in the well, if you think you know the world from the little window you are open up to.  

If I have the chance, I would quit my job and be a tour guide or travel planner, I’m quite good at it actually and I truly enjoy it so much. To fulfil my little dream, without a pay check, I always volunteer to plan for a couple or family trip for my loved ones.

I have travelled to quite a number of places (I am sure the list will continue to grow) and they are all memorable that I want to share with you either for your amusement or reference.


It was a short and near trip to Singapore, but managed to see the Lion City again after at least 10 years. There are a few more interesting things to see and do, check out the following post. 

6 places to visit in Singapore



3 weeks Austin in Texas, United States and Los Angeles in California, United States.

5D4N Phuket, Thailand.


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