Relish is all about enjoyment and delight in food and transforming the lovely food served in a restaurant or cafe into our home for the loved ones. We aim to bring you nice restaurants that offer delicious food and comfortable setting at the price that won't burn a hole in your wallet. Relish also provides the up-to-date promotion and event in the restaurants or the food and beverage industry. Here at Relish, by Rae, we introduce the various food and restaurants in Malaysia, Asia or even worldwide, wherever we step foot on, and not forgetting, the places we have visited under the travelogue. 

Rae is the founder of Relish and hence the name Relish by Rae. She is a food and coffee lover who is addictive in cooking, baking and even making herself a nice cup of coffee, whether it is brewed with pour over or french press, or extracted from the espresso maker. She enjoys travelling and food tasting, which explains the reason why she develops this website to share her passion for food.


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