Sunday, 17 August 2014

Sushi Tei and Itacho Sushi are two popular and affordable Japanese restaurant chains in Singapore and the latter is actually from Hong Kong. The restaurant was filled with customers and we needed to queue for dinner around 7pm. 

One of the biggest promotion they run in the restaurant all year round is the salmon skin sushi at S$0.40. That's really a good deal so we thought of giving it a try, but the actual reason we wanted to try Itacho Sushi is mostly because of the crowd. 

Salmon and skin soya sauce @ S$0.40 per piece. It satisfied my curiosity but not my taste bud. 

Whatever sushi is offered on the menu, they come in one piece so if you were to order multiple pieces, be sure to write it down on the order sheet correctly. I ended up sampling assorted sushi and udon. The Nigiri sushi was handmade right, I like that the sushi rice still held in one piece when I picked it up, but I wish there would be a little more vinegar in the sushi rice. I ordered fatty Salmon sushi at S$1.70 per piece, Yellowtail sushi at S$2.50 per piece, Smoked Salmon sushi at S$1.50 per piece, roasted Salmon with Cod fish at S$1.60 per piece, roasted Salmon roll at S$4.00, avocado & softshell crab roll at S$5.80, softshell crab handroll at S$4.90 per piece and a grilled mackerel with salt at S$8.00.

Fatty Salmon Sushi @ S$1.70 per piece and Yellowtail Sushi at S$2.50 per piece.

Supreme sea eel is another most pick sushi. However, I find it rather too dry. The grilled eel is very thin and over-cooked, definitely not my favourite. 

Supreme Sea Eel @ S$6.20 promotional price (Actual @ S$6.80).

I find that eating out in Singapore isn't cheap, considering the average earning per person is higher and the strong Singapore currency, which should eventually make the cost of food  lower. The high cost of dining out or any service field is most likely due to the higher labour cost and rental. If you're thinking to save a little on your trip, it's wiser to go to the local hawker stalls or food court, like those you can find in most shopping mall, Chinatown or the newly renovated Lau Pa Sat. Besides, it is also a very good way of experiencing the local's life. 

Anyway, I will need to search for the receipt to confirm the total damage of the night. The total damage of the night was S$57.90.

Overall, the dining experience was good, service was fast, raw seafood wasn't so fresh and the food was moderate leaving some room for improvement.

Itacho Sushi
Bugis Junction, Singapore

Rae's rating
Coffee: NA
Service: ♥♥
Cleanliness: ♥♥♥
Ambiance: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price: (in local currency)


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