Sunday, 20 April 2014

Subang Jaya is not a place we normally visit, but there is always an exception if there is good food.

Teowchew cuisine, particularly well known for its seafood and vegetarian dishes, is not easily available and so when I know there is one, I would travel just to savour for the good food. It reminds me of the flavoursome mee sua from this particular Teowchew restaurant while I am blogging now. 

Besides mee sua, you can opt for other noodles or vermicelli with different soup base and even fried rice for main dish that costs from RM 12 per pax. You won’t go wrong with mee sua for the reason that you will find out later. What is more, the side dishes like octopus, kerabu mango, seafood roll, 3 taste oyster and even sweet and sour prawn are so yummy that you should not miss. Oh, not forgetting, there is also a special dessert that you will find later in the post, so read on… 

The crowd starts during lunch hour but we were lucky to arrive earlier. 

The side dishes were served first. I like the octopus, which they boiled and sprinkled it with garlic and oil. The peanut dipping sauce went well with the octopus and it was just heavenly. 

A regular octopus @ RM 18, RM 12 for small. The portion is good for 4-6 persons. 

The seafood roll is another not to be missed dish. This arrived piping hot, the skin was amazingly thin and crispy while the filling was generous. 

A small seafood roll @ RM 12, RM 18 for regular

We also ordered a regular kerabu mango @ RM 15, but I missed taking a picture of it. The spicy and sour kerabu mango is very appetizing. It was a big pot of sharkfin mee sua tow that we ordered for 3 pax. The mee sua was firm and springy while the thick gravy was cooked with plenty of various seafood to make it tasted so good, but mind you, this could be camouflaged to be shark’s fin considering the price you are paying. 

An air-conditioned and clean restaurant.

Sharkfin mee sua tow @ RM 12 per pax. This was for 3 pax.

Oyster mee came in a large pot like the sharkfin mee sua tow is another main dish that we have ordered. It tasted similar like black loh mee but way better than it with rich taste of oyster and seafood. It is heavenly. 

Oyster mee @ RM 15 per pax. 

What marked this meal a beautiful and sweet finish was the Teowchew yam paste topped with ginko. Don't be disappointed with the look, it was very delicious, fragrant and smooth, also quite filling so the good thing must be shared. 

Teowchew yam paste @ RM 3.50 per bowl.

Now, I am a big fans of Teowchew food and I will definitely re-visit Teow Chew Meng. 

Restoran Teow Chew Meng
9 Jalan SS14/1, Subang Jaya,Selangor, Malaysia.Tel no.: +603 7877 9298, +6012 472 8387

Other branches in Klang Valley:
33, Jalan SS2/30, 47300 Petaling Jaya
54, Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Manjalara, 52200 Kepong

Branches in Penang:
Chai Leng Park, Prai (012-438 5288)
Pulau Tikus, Penang (012-411 0988)
8-Row, Georgetown (04-228 8675)
Sunway Tunas, Bayan Baru (04-646 6675)

Branch in Singapore:
259 Tanjong Katong Road Beng Tong Mansion, 437047 Singapore (+65 8321 0218)

Rae's rating
Food: ♥♥
Service: ♥♥♥♥♥
Cleanliness: ♥♥♥♥♥
Ambiance: ♥♥♥♥♥
Price: ♥♥♥♥ 

Restoran Teow Chew Meng at Subang Jaya


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