Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The interior of Sky Park. 

One City is a development by MCT in Subang, where the Sky Park resides. The development is divided into five unique phases – Phase 1 (Garden Shoppe), Phase 2 (Sky Park), Phase 2A (The Place), Phase 2B (The Square) and Phase 3 (MCT Mall).

Sky Park is an exciting amalgamation of several components - a shopping mall, office suites, a corporate office tower and a business class hotel. 

The escalator is available at the centre of the mall. 

You can find many renowned restaurants and shops in the Sky Park.

We will blog about the BBQ chicken in our upcoming post. 

The ground floor. 6 lifts each are available at both ends.

Food emporium, or food court if that's what you called, is also available in the Sky Park offering you more choices. Mr. Teppanyaki, Teh Tarik Station, Station Kopitiam, Coffee Box and Chicken Rice Corner are found here.

Wine outlet is running promotion for wedding wine.  

There are mezzanine in level 1 and 1A, where more restaurants, snack/food stalls, gadget/phone booths and even boutiques are easily available. 

Food stalls

Takio Ikayaki @ Level 1A mezzanine

Golden squid head @ RM 5.90. We like the thin batter, the squids are tender and not over-cooked. Nice!

Sky Park seems to be a little Korean mall as there are quite a number of Korean restaurants and fashion boutiques. Find out what surprise awaits you at level 1A mezzaine besides Tony Moly. 

Tony Moly

There is a roof garden at 10th floor. It is a wonderful place to hang out in the evening, especially when it is windy or cold. There are a few remarkable restaurants available like Inaho Sushi, a Thai restaurant, Master Room and BoatHouse. 

Overlooking LDP from the Roof Garden at Sky Park. 

Part of the Roof Garden.

Another view of the Roof Garden.

Premium-X cinema is situated at level 2, which is at the same floor with e-Fitness. Movie ticket is from RM 10. 

The walkway to the halls in the cinema. 

The interior of the movie hall.

To wrap this up, here is the list on what to do, eat and play. 

What to do:
  • e-Fitness
  • Yamaha
  • Star Living furniture shop
  • Premium-X cinema
  • MBG fruits
  • Gadgets/Phones
  • Fashion boutiques - Korean styles ^.^
  • Tony Moly
  • Wine Outlet
  • etc

What to eat:
  • Inaho Sushi
  • Master Room
  • Sam Nae Deul Korean Restaurant
  • Verde
  • FatBoys burger
  • Subway
  • Tokyo Kitchen
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Brew & Bread cafe
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Tappers
  • Secret Recipe
  • Kik Kok
  • Takio Ikayaki
  • Asam Laksa
  • Crispy Popiah
  • Chocolate house
  • Sugar Melon
  • My Recipe
  • Popilla
  • I love yoo!
  • Tan Ngan Lo
  • Food Emporium
  • bistro and many more...

What to play:
  • Escape Room - opening soon.
  • Kids playland
  • more to come...

Sky Park at One City, Subang


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