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Having a full set of American breakfast while overlooking the city before we checked out the hotel. 

As we opted for Korean Airline, we got to laze for a while in the room and continued the remaining itinerary before returning home. The double room in the Summit Hotel is the smallest among the hotels we have stayed in South Korea as the cost of living is the highest in Seoul, but we don’t mind that as it is conveniently located just 10-15-minute walk to Dongdaemun. It was another cold morning with ambient temperature at -4˚C. We had a full set of American breakfast with juice and coffee in the hotel while overlooking the city. 

The double room in the Summit Hotel, Seoul.

It was cold early in the morning. 

After that, we headed to the Healthy Liver shop, another must-stop shopping spot in South Korea. According to the tour guide and salespersons, majority of the Korean take liver health supplement that is made from Hovenia plant to help liver detoxification and protection for drinking plenty of alcohol. Similar product can be easily found in convenience store such as 7-11, marketed as a small bottle drink with a liver sign on the label. I did see some yoghurt drinks with a digestive system sign on the label but never notice there is another product for liver. If you have the chance, find out and let us know about this. Anyway, we bought a set of 480 tablets for close to RM 3,000 and it is good for 4-month supply for 2 adults. 

4-month supply of Healthy Liver cost about RM 2,800+.

Lunch was supposed to be on own expenses but we had that covered as a replacement for the lunch on Day 2. It was glass noodles. After that, we could even buy some Korean snacks and souvenirs in the same building.

Posing at the restaurant for lunch.

Food in Korean is very healthy with little seasoning and salt to taste.

It was close to 12pm by the time we arrived at Incheon International Airport to catch the flight back to Malaysia at 4.55pm. That marked the end of our exciting Korea Winter tour, conducted in Mandarin but the tour leader can speak Cantonese. We had a great time bidding farewell with our tour guide at the airport before we checked in. It is really a good choice to fly with Korean Airline as the boarding time is in the evening as opposed to Malaysia Airline in the morning so we got more time in the airport to do final shopping! *Yay!*

Incheon International Airport.

After checking some skincare and cosmetics, I got some at really good deal as it is duty-free. If you do plan to buy some Korean skincare and cosmetics, it is worth to do it at the airport. Next, we decided to have some authentic Korean food before we board the flight. They are just so delicious and we will miss the food here.

Cold noodles, a must eat food during Winter in Korea. I like this!



Korean Airline offers a good variety of food and snack for the passengers. We were given dinner and some snacks like hot pizza and Korean rice roll similar to the onigiri. I also had some wine and it was good. 

Taufu-Fa or soy pudding. 

So many delicious desserts. 

If you would like to try some Korean luxurious skincare products, in-flight duty free shopping is a very good option and much cheaper. I got myself some Sulwhasoo products and they accept either case or credit card. 

  • Sulwhasoo sumlian eye cream  USD 88 = 90,000 won
Spending a week in South Korea is one of the best excitements in life and this is definitely one of my favourite tours. It is good to learn more about this country and how the Koreans are succeeding in what they are doing. It is a shame for not be able to explore Seoul in depth this time but I will make sure I do in my next trip here.


Tour fee: RM 5,200 ++ including airport tax, agent fees, tipping and travel insurance. There were tour members suggesting to tip more on Day 7, but that is optional. The surcharge and airport tax would be higher for Malaysian Airlines, but you will get to take 30kg check-in luggages. Korean Airline allows a cabin luggage of 12kg and a check-in luggage of 23kg. 

The followings were not included in the package (per pax):
  • Rental for ski equipment and suit = 50,000 won
  • Ski gloves = 10,000 won
  • Rental for ski goggles = 15,000 won (varies)
  • Rental for life jacket at Ocean 700 = 4,000 won 
  • 2 meals
2 meals were not included in this package, but we didn't have to spend much on a simple meal. I suggest 50,000 won for a couple with 2 meals, but do prepare more if you plan for a scrumptious meal or fine-dining. As we took another meal (third meal) at the airport before boarding the return flight, that cost us another 31,300 won.

There is no bellboy in the hotel to help with the luggages but there was a group photographer following the tour to "help" us out on the luggages besides taking photographs for us. At the end of the tour, he sold us 30 pieces of photos bound together at 5,000 won each. We were told it is optional, but when it came to the end of the tour, we just thought of getting it. If there were next time, we might consider telling them no photo in the first place and just tip them accordingly for helping out with the luggages. Somehow, the photos are so beautiful especially those at Alpensia when we were busy skiing.

  • 30 pieces of professional photos for a couple = 450,000 won
A total of RM 12,500 is the minimum spending for 2 if you plan to take up this tour package (8D6N Dynamic Korea Ski Fun & Jeju) by Apple Vacation Malaysia

In fact, we exchanged for Korean won with RM 4,000 cash and barely left much. On top of that, we also spent RM 2,800+ for Healthy Liver and RM 1,800+ for Odbo Skincare with credit card. All in, it was close to RM 20,000 for the tour package, items listed in bullet form, other expenses and shopping/souvenirs. Hope that gives you an idea...

I have also listed down some of the shopping list and price in the following posts. 

Apple Vacation is a reputable travel agency and travellers would choose them for the exceptional 4 or 5-star accommodation, variety of good food and specially arranged itinerary. Like other travel agencies, there are always some compulsory shopping stop, but you can always choose not to buy any. 

I am very pleased and happy that hubby decided on this package by Apple for our honeymoon. It is a very sweet and loving memory that I will always cherish. :)


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