Sunday, 6 April 2014

Early morning at Alpensia Ski Resort was very cold.

Yesterday was a fantastic day in the brand new year of 2014. The ski experience was excellent and I was quite reluctant to leave the resort. It was another early morning for us to catch up the plan. We headed to Seoul after having the international buffet breakfast at the hotel. 

International buffet breakfast at Holiday Inn, Alpensia Resort. It was nice to have some western food during the trip.

Stopped at the highway rest house on the way to Seoul.

The food court was neat and clean. Beautiful!

Ginseng chicken soup for lunch

It would be a shame for not having the signature Korean dish in Korea. We had it for lunch before heading to the Lotte World for theme park. The ginseng chicken soup was good.

It's ginseng chicken soup, the signature Korean dish not to be missed. A whole chicken was meant for one person.

There were a little ginseng and a red date in the chicken, we were told not to eat them. The Korean believes the red date will absorb the bad stuff from the chicken, so they never eat it.

Noodles to be added in the soup. 

Ginseng wine to be added in the soup.

Lotte World was next after the lunch. It is one of the several locations used for filming the famous Korean dramas, Stairway to Heaven. If you like theme park fun or travelling with kids, Lotte World is quite a good place to go in Seoul, but it is definitely not the place I would want to spend 5 hours. If you are visiting Seoul other than in Winter, probably the outdoor Everland theme park would be a better place to go, slightly more expensive but at least you get a chance to see Liger, the hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress.

The admission fee to the Lotte World, Seoul. 

The indoor of the Lotte World.

We spent about an hour in the Korean folk museum to learn about the history and culture of Korea. Besides, we also managed to watch some parades and shows.

The Korean folk museum that is located at the third floor in Lotte World was worth visiting to know more about the history and culture of Korea if you are not so much into the theme park fun just like us. 

I was quite surprised finding so many Koreans hanging out at the Magic Island, the outdoor theme park of the Lotte World, in winter. 

Walking to the Magic Island. 

The Koreans really enjoy outdoor theme park in Winter. I think it was the school holiday. 

After spending about 5 hours in the Lotte World, it was just in time to head to Dongdaemun for dinner at about 6pm and then shopping, of course!

Overlooking Dongdaemun while having dinner at Doota.

Pork Bulgogi set at 8,000 won. I find it reasonable, considering the generous portion, taste and location. 

We checked in at the Summit Hotel, 10-15 minutes walk from Dongdaemun.

After dinner at own expenses and a little shopping around Dongdaemun, we headed to the Summit Hotel, which was only less than 5 minutes drive away. After checking in the hotel, we decided to walk over to Dongdaemun again for shopping until about 11pm. I will share with you more on the best deals I discovered at Dongdaemun in my next post. 

p/s: You may refer more of our spending here


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