Friday, 10 January 2014

I have been so excited since we decided to travel to Korea in winter; the excitement grew as the time elapsed. After long waited, the day has finally come. I was so excited (or nervous?) about the tour and could hardly sleep tight the night before the flight to Korea. I know I always wanted to see snow and ski, and it was a big surprise that he approves the winter tour to Korea for our honeymoon, on his funding. ^.^

We made the arrangement to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) 3.5 hours earlier from the meet-up time so that we could take things slowly and enjoy every excitement before the flight. We had a simple Malaysian dinner at the airport and then let the clock ticked to 9.30pm while chit-chatting. It is always fun and enjoyable to travel with a humorous partner. Find out what we have packed here.

The boarding was on time and we were greeted by the beautiful Korean air stewardess wearing the blue and cream uniform with a pair of chopsticks on their bun. Err… I mean the hair accessories that look like chopsticks. :P Still, we are curious if that symbolise the chopsticks or simply just a ribbon.

We flew with Korean Air KE672 Boeing 747-400 with seats arrangement of 3-4-3 and we were lucky enough to get the couple seat (that’s what I called). It’s the twin seats towards the tail. We had plenty of room to put our belongings just next to my seat. Love it!

After took off, we were served with welcome drinks, snack and refreshing towel.

A refreshing towel to clean your hands. (or face?)

Rae was happily enjoying the welcome drink.

Then, we were given a pair of disposable slipper, before we slept through the flight as it was mid night. If you wonder, since I didn't receive any complaint from the man sitting next to me, I believe I didn't snore while I was sleeping. LOL

And that's her little feet on the slipper provided by the thoughtful cabin crew. 

The breakfast was served about 1.5 hours prior to arrival. It took us a while to understand what the menu was after the pretty cabin crew repeated several times (poor lady). I was actually figuring out what were the selections... Chicken xxx omelette rice with soup. Please forgive me for my poor English. I always have difficulty in understanding “foreign” English or should I say I'm so used to the Malaysian English? Anyway, it was chicken with rice (I guess), omelette or rice with soup.

Tada! That's the rice with soup, I thought it was rice served with soup (separately), but turns out to be rice porridge or congee. It's always good to have congee or soup after spending long time in the dry and cold environment. *yum*

I’m happy to see Korean Air still uses metal cutlery as opposed to Cathay Pacific, it makes the whole dining experience better, it feels like having a meal in a restaurant instead of like take away meal. The food was OK, the coffee was too weak, yet it doesn't ruin my happy holiday mood. ^.^ I was glad they served croissant, one of my favourite foods. 

We arrived safely at Incheon International Airport in the morning after approximately 6 hours and then we were greeted by the tour guide before the tour started. Stay with us to find out more about the lovely tour.


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