Sunday, 19 January 2014

After the DMZ tour, we took an hour of domestic flight from Gimpo Airport to Jeju Island, it was a pleasant flight, but the landing was rough as it was very windy. We were blessed the weather did not turn to the worst that would prohibit a landing.

Our bus driver drove us to the mysterious road. It was an uphill in front of us, the bus driver engaged the gear to neutral and let it slowly moved uphill. That’s unbelievable! The earth’s gravity is supposed to pull things downward, so why does this happen? We left the bus at the end of the mysterious road and took a walk on the road to figure out the puzzle. In fact, mysterious road is a gravity or magnetic hill where a downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope due to the layout of the surrounding land, creating the optical illusion that a car left out of gear will roll uphill. I think it is worth a short stop, and maybe a spirit level would help in solving the puzzle faster. What do you think?

I am surprised to learn that there is a similar one at Kimanis-Keningau Highway in Sabah, Malaysia. Have you come across any similar phenomena anywhere in the world?

See? The vehicles were lining up to move uphill. The start of the mysterious road is just a few lamppost away from the blue sign that marks the end of the mysterious road.

Checking out the supernatural. 

That marks the end of the Myserious Road.

We could see Hallasan mountain from the mysterious road, which rises up from the centre of Jeju island.

Beautiful Hallasan mountain viewed from the Mysterious Road

Teddy Bear Safari museum or Teseum Safari

There are 3 teddy bear museums in Jeju Island, but this is the only one you could touch and hug, that’s why it’s called safari, while the teddy bears in the other two are kept in the glass box. Although I am not a big fans of soft toys, it’s still cute to see them.

It's Teseum Safari!

A part of the Teseum interior. 

Posing with the rare white tiger.

Popcorn rain?

As for dinner, it was a very sumptuous seafood meal. Korean eats raw seafood in winter, so did we this night. We had abalone, raw fishes, oysters, octopus and grilled fish. It was so delicious that I wanted to have more if I have an extra stomach, and the seafood was very fresh. The fishes had firm texture and smelled fresh.

Raw seafood, like octopus, oyster and fishes, was served.

I never know how an abalone would look like until I saw this. I normally see them packed in a can, without the shell of course. This was very fresh and tasty.

The delicious Abalone. It was supposed to eat raw but they have it cooked for us. It was very fresh, hardly any seasoning probably just salt, its texture was different from oyster if you would wonder, not chewy or hard, it was cooked just nice. Love it!

There was a surprise awaiting us after the dinner. We were rushing to our room excitedly after getting the room key. “Wow!” was my first expression when we walked into the room. It was a spacious room, more like a studio apartment, with shower room, toilet, dressing room, kitchen, dining room, living room with ondol, large LCD TV (either Samsung or LG), a king sized bed and a twin bed. 

Staying 2 nights at the 5-star Ocean Palace hotel in Jeju island.

I like the dressing room design so much that I wish I would have it in my house.

The famous Korean smart toilet.

I can't read Korean but it was so funny to experiment every button on the smart toilet controller. Guess what is the right most button for? LOL 

There was a LG washing machine and large refrigerator in the room. It's good because I planned to stock up some chilled drinks.

The dining room.

There was kitchen on the left and dining room on the right when we walked into the room. It was installed with hardwood floor. 

There were two beds in the room, good enough for 3 adults, and the living room with ondol was near the windows. We hardly use up most of the space but it was very comfortable staying in this family suite.

This is our room viewed from the living room. I was so excited and busy taking pictures and checking out the room while leaving our luggages untouched at the entrance. I think you can really tell how wonderful this room is.

 Nice toiletries set.

While checking around, we discovered this thing called descending life line. We believe it is an evacuation instrument, which can safely leads a person down on the ground in the event of emergency. Share with us if you know more about this. 

There was a convenience store at the lobby, so I went there to pick up some drinks and snacks before headed back to the beautiful room for shower and zzz. We had a long day but it was an exciting one. I couldn't wait for the next day. Stay with me if you are curious to find out more about the Korea tour.

The popular and must-try banana milk (middle) - it tastes smooth and good like I am having a banana drink rather than milk, orange juice (left) and aloe vera drink (right) from the convenience store. I am guessing from the label, the juice is processed using the oranges from Jeju island, and so I wanted to try. 

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