Friday, 6 December 2013

Celebration is meant to be a happy occasion, but the one that we had last Thursday at Fuzion Restaurant, Sunway Hotel was dreadful.

20 of us went for a celebration lunch. It was a standard international buffet, with cooked seafood served at the bar, salad, appetizers, assorted meat like lamb, beef, venison, chicken, quil and prawn cooked in local and western style, limited selection of Chinese dim sum and not forgetting, the desserts. The selection pretty much covered everyone’s preference.

At night, I started to have diarrhoea and vomiting, I thought it was from the dinner but the one who shared food with me had no problem at all. I started to suspect it could be from the lunch.
The next day, I went to the doctor and was diagnosed to have food poisoning. I found out 4 of my colleagues were on sick leave on the same day due to food poisoning as well. The medicine didn’t help me much as after a few round of medication, I had yet to show sign of recovery. My body was so weak and I slept through the day.

On day 3, I went to another doctor and this time I was given antibiotics. My recovery was extremely slow, I lost my appetite and hence my weight, too.

On day 5, which was the following Monday, another 2 of my colleagues were sick due food poisoning as well.

On day 7, I resumed working after finished the antibiotics and 2 injections for inflammation and gastric pain. However, I still have mild gastric pain and diarrhoea until today.

We ran a survey on everyone and found the culprit could be the cake from the dessert bar. How strange is that? I called up the assistant manager at Fuzion Restaurant, Sunway Hotel to report the incident to them and wanted them to take serious action to prevent recurrence. He asked me a series of questions, including if any of us has admitted to the hospital. Well, it seems without admitting the hospital; this is just a tiny matter. He took down my contact details and told me that he will report this to the higher management. I doubt they would do anything about this. How I wish I could report this to the Ministry of Health to make them really take action against this incident!

20 of us went for a celebration lunch but turned out 7 of us got severe food poisoning! This is the worst food poisoning experience I’ve ever had in my entire life, so far. It is my duty to share with you about this terrible dining experience I had at Fuzion Restaurant, Sunway Hotel. And now, whether to dine at this restaurant or not, the choice is in your hand. 

Fuzion at Sunway Resort Hotel


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