Saturday, 14 December 2013

I like coffee. I think by saying that, it does not really express much about my true addiction to coffee.

I start drinking coffee when I was little, probably at the age of 5. I was so into local black coffee with sugar, or we called “kopi-O” in local dialect, to a point that I would drink my aunt’s coffee while she was away and quickly refilled it with water after drinking. Back then, I was a little monster with coffee stain on my mouth, thinking no one would know I just drank my aunt’s coffee. I still like the local coffee, which is made from Liberica beans, because I’m so used to the taste and also the beautiful memory that it brings back to me.

Many years ago, the strong wave of coffee franchise that hits Malaysia hits me, too. I was probably about 18 years old when I start walking into Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves (CBTL) or Starbucks for coffee. It soon became a trend to spend time in the café reading magazines and catching up with friends while enjoying coffee. I was a student back then and could only spend with limited pocket money, having coffee in these cafes is a luxury thing to do. I thought the Starbucks or CBTL coffee was nice until the third wave coffee hits me last year, and that is the time I start learning more about coffee and the tools.

I will share more about the machines and tools I have in my next posts.

Now, it’s coffee time!


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