Friday, 27 December 2013

Where should we go for honeymoon? It was the question we asked each other but he left me to decide whichever I prefer. I think that’s sweet.

At first, I thought of visiting Taiwan sounds reasonable, but after browsing through the brochure on the Korea tours, we finally decided to go for a winter holiday in Korea organized by Apple Vacations.

There is so much to prepare before the trip, but it surely is a good thing for me as I enjoy shopping so much, it just gives me a solid reason to buy things that I like. *grin*

I just checked the weather forecast and it seems the temperature will fluctuate between 1 and -10 degree Celsius. I hope there will be snow as well. *finger cross*

To stay warm and continue to sight-see, the easiest way is to wear layers. A 3-layer system is based on wearing a base, middle and an outer layer. Here are the things I’ve prepared so far.

Long john (base layer)
Ideal base layers are merino wool, silk, polypropylene and other various synthetic fibres. If there is one rule to follow - never, ever use cotton as a base layer. It will not matter what you put over the top in an effort to keep warm, you will remain wet and cold. I bought 2 sets for myself, 1 set can withstand up to temperature -5degC, and the other can withstand up to -15degC.

Tops (middle layer)
A mid-layer should be thicker than a base layer. Again, do not use cotton it simply does not insulate as well as other fabrics. Some good examples of mid layers include merino wool, a mid weight fleece or polyester. I got fleece and wool tops, they are good options to keep warm. 

Outer wear (outer layer)
An outer layer maybe a heavy fleece, a down jacket, soft shell or ski jacket. This is the layer that most people will see and will be in most of your photos when you get home. The outer wear I bought that is filled with 90% down from Universal Traveller is claimed to withstand up to temperature -20degC. I think that is sufficient for the trip as the lowest temperature could be -10degC based on the forecast.

Jeans and Legging
Uniqlo’s HEATTECH seems to be a big thing to get for fall/winter. The innovative material absorbs the moisture generated by human body before converting it into heat and hence keeping you warm. For that reason, I actually got myself a pair of HEATTECH skinny jeans. It really keeps me warm under air-conditioned place, even my favourite Levi’s jeans couldn't do that.

Since I don’t plan to wear multiple layers of socks, I got myself a few pairs of thick wool socks. I hope it’s sufficient. We’ll see.

The snow is getting thicker around the travelling time and it will be quite slippery to walk on it. So, I got myself a waterproof, rubber sole boots from Timberland. I was thinking if I should get a snow boots probably an UGG, but I gave up on that idea as I didn’t want to spend a few hundred dollars on shoes for a few days and not wearing it anymore after that. That’s why I ended up with a pair of leather boots and thick wool socks. I hope I will be fine with that. We’ll see.

Leg warmer
Just in case I need to keep my leg warmer, I got a pair of heattech leg warmer from Uniqlo.

Hat/beanie & scarves

Hot packs
You can stick one pack each time on your chest or feet to keep you warm and it can last up to 8-12 hours. How cool is that?

Vacuum flask
It might be better to bring a flask instead of normal tumbler as the water might freeze. Haha

Lip calm and body lotion

Shopping bag

Korea is an environmental friendly and plastic-free country, it is a good idea to prepare the shopping bags as we have to pay for the carrier bag.

I will share with you more about the trip when I am back. 

Happy New Year, everyone!


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