Monday, 28 October 2013

Following our earlier post in GSCHorrorFest, we were invited to this first ever horror movie marathon brought by Golden Screen Cinema (GSC), Nuffnang and ChurpChurp.

My partner and I were lucky to find a parking lot in one of the busiest shopping malls in Klang Valley, the One Utama Shopping Mall, thus arrived as early as 4.50pm. I wanted to get myself something spooky or Halloween costume on the spot in order to dress for this event, but I guess I was a little too late to get that fixed and so I gave up. LOL We went to the One Utama GSC and the queue has already started before we were even there. Everyone was so excited about this great movie marathon. Fortunately, we were the third in the queue and as soon as the registration started at 5.30pm sharp, we were given the movie ticket with very good seating arrangement plus a goodie bag. I was glad that Nuffnang and GSC were well thought about the good seatings are of first come first serve. *Thank you*

A bag of sweets sponsored by Sticky and a little voodoo doll were found in the goodie bag. Ah, sweet is a good remedy for anxiety and fright. :)

Not long after that, we were invited to the reception just outside of Hall 2 and 3 for a frightening dinner. Check out these photos and you will know why…

The coffin sandwiches...

Spooky ham...

and eyeballs for your stomach, to name a few. 

The participants dressed up in Halloween costume to make the event so frightening. 

The organisers arranged free tattoo to complete our spooky look.

And there were some walking dead and ghosts wandering around us. *spooky*

There were many bloodcurdling scenes and setup for us to take the best pictures that might eventually win us some free tickets.

Of course, when there is a theme there will always be a contest. They actually won the best Halloween dress. They are scary, aren’t they?

The first movie started at 7.30pm. Rigor Mortis is directed by Juno Mak, set in a creepy and moody Hong Kong public housing tower whose occupants we soon discover, run the gamut from the living to the dead, to the undead, along with ghosts and vampires. It reminds me of the good olden days of the Chinese vampire series in 1980s. If you are a big fans of the Chinese ghosts and vampires, this is exactly what you would want to watch. It is certainly a good Chinese horror movie these days with a scary rating of 3 out of 5 and it is released at GSC on 24 October 2013.

Lining up next was the Thai horror movie called The Second Sight. The leading actor has a paranormal ability since he was born, a gift to see things others can’t. If you like The Shutter from a few years ago, I bet you will like this, too. This carries a scary rating of 3 out of 5 and will be released at GSC on 14 Nov 2013.

Lastly, it was the long waited Insidious: Chapter 2, directed by James Wan who is born in Kuching, Malaysia. It tells the unfinished story of the Insidious and of course it gets more terrifying learning more about the fact behind every paranormal phenomenon. This is a must watch that has a scary rating of 4 out of 5 if you are a big fan of horror films. Need not to say, but the movie is released at GSC on 17 Oct 2013.

We appreciate this great event organised by GSC, Nuffnang and ChurpChurp, we really had great time watching all these long waited horror movies back to back and they are really great! 

GSC is running the Spook-Tober promotion from 26-Oct-2013 to 10-Nov-2013. Be the first 50 customers daily to catch the horror movie Rigor Mortis, Carrie and The Second Sight at the participating cinemas and get yourself a free surprise box with every 2 tickets purchased. 

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