Sunday, 6 October 2013

NNFoodFest, Malaysia’s first ever tw(eat) fest and it is also one of the great events in town this year, was held on 5th October 2013 at Sunway Pyramid. Nuffnang, the world’s leading blog advertising community, brought us some of the best dishes in Malaysia and putting them all in one place.

All the delicacies came in bite-size or small portions that could be exchangeable with Social Media currency. So, you could just leave the wallet at home and go to this fun event with empty stomach. However, if you immediately fell in love with something you have tried, certain vendors could give you the option to purchase a full portion of the food to satisfy your craving!

We are proud and pleased to be invited to this event organised by Nuffnang. In fact, it is an event that was open and free for all. All you needed was a smartphone with internet access so that you can tweet.

The registration started at 3pm yesterday.

NNFoodFest started from 4pm to 10pm. 

And it was easy to sample the food. There were clear instruction on each booth. You could scan the QR code using NNFoodFest iOS apps, or  tweet or like and share the vendor's page. 

Let's see who were the vendors.

Barista Guild Asia, the coffee education specialist.

You get a hot coffee of either white or black, or a cold brew with each tweet. The barista was brewing my hot latte. It smelled so good and taste smooth. They were actually in the CAFFA at Publika a week ago. Barista Guild Asia does not run a cafe, but a coffee education specialist in providing classes to professional or coffee lover.

Kee's Creampuffs, a bakery specialised in cream puff. There were 2 flavours given for a try with each tweet, a classic and a durian. The classic flavour is an original custard cream and the taste is rich while the puff is fluffy, but I actually like the durian flavour better. I personally don’t like any processed durian food, but the durian cream puff really tastes strong and pure. Very nice!

Sumo Onigiri was among the new discovery. There are 2 outlets in Klang Valley, one in Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park and the other one in Uptown.

NinjaJoe, Malaysia’s first and top non-halal quick serve food. There are 4 outlets within the Klang Valley, i.e. 1 Utama Shopping Mall, Tripicana City Mall, The Gardens Mall and Setia City Mall.

The little pork burger was cute, but size doesn’t matter, there were pork bacon, pork patty and tomato between the bun. The pork patty tasted original, not much seasoning and that’s how I like it, the pork bacon was pan fried to be slightly crispy and smelled good. I will definitely visit the outlet for a full portion. Yummy!

Nando's was there as well and we just love love love their juicy peri-peri chicken. They were generous to give a larger portion in either mild or hot flavour. 

Crazy Potato, originated from the United Kingdom, offered the potato chips in 4 dressing - wasabi, mayo, cheese and honey mustard. The potato chips were crispy outside but tender inside. The mayo dressing was sour and refreshing. 

Juiceworks, healthy fruit juice store in Malaysia, was there as well. 

Cielo Dolci (pronounced as 'ceh-lo dol-chee), which means Heaven's Dessert in Italian, serves all-natural gelato in little cups. There were several choices for us to pick, ranging from kedondong or umbra, taufu-fa, Belgian chocolate, salted caramel and nasi lemak. I love the Belgian chocolate, it isn't sweet but slightly bitter and tastes rich in chocolate. Heaven!

Royal Post is an exciting café sweet treats and coffee in Damansara Intan. Take a peek on what they have offered in the Food Fest. 

Food sampling on what Royal Post has offered, i.e. butter cookies, double chocolate cookies, black sesame macaroon, cheese cake and coffee. The sweet treats tasted very rich and satisfying. I personally like the butter cookies, which tasted fresh, and black sesame macaroon that is not too sweet to my liking. 

Humble Beginnings is a café from Bangsar with creations are essentially mille crepe. The café opens daily from 12pm to 10pm. The mille crepe was served in bite size. I find it quite sweet and intense, but isn't sure until I try on the full portion. :)

Among a number of booths I have tried, I was surprised with Waroeng Penyet. The chicken and dressing were superb!

The booth with the longest queue and long wait time had to myBurgerLab. Sorry, we gave this up for the long queue even though it is commonly known good things come at a price. 

The rest of the vendors included Yakult, Nbrew, Sweet Montage, VinegPlus, Chatime, Zuo, Andy's BBQ, Crayon Burger, New Zealand Natural, Paradise Inn, 1901 hotdogs, Brillian Nasi Lemak, Daiban Noodles, Master Mi, Niko Niko Onigiri, Planet Popcorn, Sek Me Choy, Sister Crispy Popiah, SS2 Goreng Pisang and Bee Cheng Hiang. 

Thank you Nuffnang for organising this awesome food discovery event. I look forward to another great event again in the very near future to discover more great dishes in Malaysia in a few hours in a day. :) 


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